We particularly value the following two items:

  • Quick responses
  • Shared knowledge

Quick responses

Our clients, who are taxpayers, often inquire with us, tax accountants and professionals, when they have questions or seek advice concerning tax and accounting. People are connected to the internet today, and taxpayers can obtain a certain level of information by themselves. Still, our clients seek advice from us, professionals, because they need to know the right answers immediately so they can quickly decide what to do.

In order to meet these needs of our clients, being able to immediately answer them is an advantage of professionals like us.

Therefore, we prioritize quick responses to inquiries from our clients.

Our office has many foreign-affiliated clients, and we have not met face-to-face with many of the contact people at their parent corporations abroad. We are also separated because of international time differences. In order to establish trusting relationships with such persons abroad, quick responses are essential.

Shared knowledge

The approximately ten years of my sales and marketing career are an excellent asset in my current job.

In order to offer intangible services, such as tax and accounting services, as valuable services, we, professionals, and our clients must have the exact same understanding of the current situation and prerequisites. We share our knowledge to provide understanding for our clients.

We, professionals, tend to give one-sided specialist explanations. To avoid this, thoroughly communicating with our clients and understanding the current situation and prerequisites of our clients are important.

With such understanding, we will be able to satisfy client needs.